ɧƵ-Howard Partnership Announcement

Announcement ɧƵ is excited to announce our latest partnership with Howard Technology Solutions! This partnership will allow us to continue serving SLED environments with cost-effective cybersecurity products and solutions across the United States. Howard Technology Solutions, based in Ellisville, Mississippi, is a division of Howard Industries, designed to provide a sweeping range of cutting-edge technology solutions. It stands as a one-stop-shop for the technology needs of countless customers, offering an unrivaled portfolio of services that includes computer manufacturing, network services, and IT solutions.

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Central Technologies-ɧƵ Partnership Announcement

Announcement ɧƵ is very excited to announce a partnership with Central Technologies serving Tennessee and the surrounding States. This partnership allows Central Technologies to expand their service offering to include ɧƵ’s unique cybersecurity products and services. We are very proud to have been able to partner with Central Technologies! Central Technologies is a leading technology solutions partner dedicated to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions to our customers. Central Technologies combines cutting edge technology and a drive for excellent service to provide the best possible portfolio of solutions for schools, libraries, municipalities, and small businesses.

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Adira-ɧƵ Partnership Announcement

Announcement We are very pleased to announce a partnership with Adira Technology Solutions serving Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. This partnership will allow Adira to offer cybersecurity services to their client base, and more importantly give PK-12 and public sector organizations in those states an affordable, all-inclusive cybersecurity solution and posture. Our ɧƵ-Adira Team is focused on helping educational and public sector organizations obtain the highest level of cybersecurity services and solutions for the benefit of protecting their students, staff, and stakeholders.

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Release of Client Portal

Client Portal It has been over 18 months in the making, but it is finally here. Our new client portal launches next week with the first 2 apps embedded in it. This will make it much easier for our clients enter or modify, print compliance reports on demand, and construct a disaster recovery plan. In the post, I’m going to give a high-level overview of the platform and one of the apps available in the platform.

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ɧƵ is Expanding

Announcement In 2016 as we were getting started the mission was clear. We were going to serve those organizations that had been overlooked and underserved by the cybersecurity industry at large. We knew that small and mid-sized organizations were largely being passed over by the heavy weights of the cybersecurity industry. We decided to focus on those organizations. The model has always been clear: Fill the security and compliance gaps that these organizations do not have the capability to feel on their own.

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ɧƵ Offers SB820 Compliance Services

Background The State of Texas signed Senate Bill 820 into law on June 10, 2019. Senate Bill 820, or SB820 mandates a minimum set of cybersecurity requirements for Texas school districts. SB820 amends the current Education Code, adding language about the cybersecurity requirements to TEC Section 11.175. The full text can be found on the State of Texas website here: Senate Bill 820 Text The requirements take effect September 1, 2019, just as the new school year and fiscal year start.

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