ɧƵ Centurion

ɧƵ’s Managed Detection and Response Appliance

We designed Centurion to be a cost-effective alternative to high priced SIEM and IDS solutions. Based on open-source technology, we have produced an appliance that is affordable and every bit as effective. Because it is based on open-source technology, we can pass the savings on to you. Centurion was conceived and built to ensure the following 6 criteria were met.

  • Simple to Deploy
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Use

Realtime Alerting

Centurion provides realtime alerting via the web interface as well as email alerting to your entire team as well as our security operations center.

Centurion Alert

Security Operations Center

Our security operations center, based in Waco, Texas, monitors all alerts in Centurion, which enables us to be an extension of your team as we provide another set of eyes. Once we recieve an alert from Centurion, our team begins researching and triaging the alert and it’s context. If nesscesary, our team will escalate the alert via email or phone call with additional information.

After the alert is escalated, our team will continue to work directly with your team to research and find a resolution for vulnerabilities or other incidents discovered.

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